Delicious, voluptuous, smooth and fruity McLaren Vale Shiraz showing classic blackberry and eucalyptus character with hints of seasoned oak complexity.


The Story 

Thomas Hawk, a Carnabetian bachelor (think explosion of 1960s flower power) with a penchant for dandyish attire, a shock of long blond locks and a peculiar gait, broke his old mother’s heart when he decided to up camp and move to New England.


Lured by the thought of opportunity in the new liberal society and fascinated by the native tongue and their colourful customs he was abuzz when he boarded ship. On arrival he headed west, keen to meet the native Americans, with little Big Horn and smoking the peace pipe at the top of his agenda. This journey however was to be his last.


Time drifted in this timeless land and word of Thomas faded. His anxious mother organised a search party but on questioning, the response of the local Indians was always the same – laughter, intimidating war cries and a display of their small axes.


Tomahawk is s a fine wine example of what RedHeads does best – great red wine and tall stories.


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