Proper Aussie Shiraz that's exactly how you'd expect: dense, spicy and leaves you wanting more. Perfect for those times when you want to put some music on, get your friends over and dance the night away.

The Story

Among wine-decked shelves we reconvene

Gathered around the tale-stained tables

We fill our glasses, feed the fire

Igniting, fuelling further fables.


Good friends’ passions do not fail

– a spark from the fire, a spark from the heart

Into the glass and given voice,

Etched in history, living art.


Dancing flames and dancing heartbeats

Moments seem a lifetime long

Recalling past, embracing Now

Each sip a shared and treasured song.


Mounting, pounding, beating, roaring

A story of stories, Shindig time!

Passions rage without respite

And laughter flows as fast as wine.


Medal Tally

2017: 3x GOLDs


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