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• 18th December 2017: what a day in the history of RedHeads Wine! Why you might ask? This was when we bought our first ever plot of vineyards!

• 15th February 2019: 14 months - almost to the date - following the purchase of the land, we opened the winery!

We've put in a shed load of work over that 14 months. It's been an amazing turnaround in that time! Scroll down the page to find out more about 258 Angaston Road and Saint Andrew's Vineyard (SAV).


Our GreenHeads project, ensuring our site is as ecological as possible, has also been a massive undertaking alongside the winery build. More information can be found on our GreenHeads page

Vintage Report 2019

We opened the winery on 15th February and had the first fruit through the door a couple of days later! It was pretty nervy but we got there in the end. Check out the full report - the first in our very own home - with updated on all of our Movement Members and SAV.

Here's an aerial shot of the site. Click on a number to find out more about each part of 258 Angaston Road and Saint Andrew's Vineyard.


1. RedHeads Winery

Where else to start in a rundown of the site than the winery? A brand, purpose-built structure. This is "where the magic happens".

We sort, crush, ferment and age it all here. Loads of space for tanks and barrels, with the odd person kicking about too. 


2. The Back Shed

What would RedHeads be without a Back Shed?

Our overflow barrel and general hardware store for our heavy machinery around the vineyard.

The first thing we built on the site prior to the winery; we wanted to keep the rickety old Rusty Roof shed but we couldn't save it


3. 1888 Cottage

One of the oldest buildings in the area and a huge factor in our decision to move in. This ancient building has gone through a lot since it was first built.

It's been standing since 1888 and we're privileged to add a new leaf to the story of this amazing, listed property. Originally the family homestead, it's now our office and meeting space.


4. The Studio Bar

What a space! This huge hall is a fantastic venue for hosting parties, gatherings, shindigs... basically any event where RedHeads wines are to be served and enjoyed.

We've had the pleasure of hosting a few groups already. By far our busiest one so far was the opening day of the winery!


5. Saint Andrew's Vineyard: HomeBlock

The most exciting part of the whole project: the vineyard! Situated in Angaston, Barossa Valley, is our brand new eight hectare home. We've been going since 2003 but this is our very first patch of vines. It's mostly Shiraz but we've planted a dash of Touriga on the site too.

The Shiraz from this vineyard is reserved solely for our 1888.


6. Our Nursery

Here's very special project we've undertaken on the new site. We've planted seven Shiraz clones in our "nursery"!


These vines are part of a research project to better understand the Barossa Valley and the optimum conditions for Shiraz.


7. Saint Andrew's Vineyard: Baby Shiraz

We've planted this block with a load of fresh Shiraz. The HomeBlock is ready and raring to go but these vines are still a couple of years off their prime years!

It's great to have these vines planted. There's so much potential on this site that we had to make the most of it!


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PO Box 707

258 Angaston Road, Angaston,

South Australia, 5353

TEL +61 8 8562 2888 


RedHeads Studio Bar Opening Hours:

Friday 12-5pm

Saturday 12-5pm

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