258 Angaston Road

• 18th December 2017: what a day in the history of RedHeads Wine! Why you might ask? This was when we bought our first ever plot of vineyards!

• 15th February 2019: 14 months - almost to the date - following the purchase of the land, we opened the winery!

We've put in a shed load of work over that 14 months. It's been an amazing turnaround in that time! Scroll down the page to find out more about 258 Angaston Road and Saint Andrew's Vineyard (SAV).


Our GreenHeads project, ensuring our site is as ecological as possible, has also been a massive undertaking alongside the winery build. More information can be found on our GreenHeads page

Vintage Report 2019

We opened the winery on 15th February and had the first fruit through the door a couple of days later! It was pretty nervy but we got there in the end. Check out the full report - the first in our very own home - with updated on all of our Movement Members and SAV.

Here's an aerial shot of the site. Click on a number to find out more about each part of 258 Angaston Road and Saint Andrew's Vineyard.



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PO Box 707

258 Angaston Road, Angaston,

South Australia, 5353

TEL +61 8 8562 2888 


RedHeads Studio Bar Opening Hours:

Friday 12-5pm

Saturday 12-5pm

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