One of the key features of our winery - 258 Angaston Road - is the commitment to the principles of being as eco as possible. RedHeads at heart, GreenHeads by nature. 

We really care and have taken every precaution in creating the GreenHeads Movement: our new environmental pact! 

1) Irrigation

2) Solar Panels

3) Bees

4) Water Management

5) Efficient Space

6) Manageable Tanks

7) Our Own Clay


We have made sure to collect and re-use as much waste water and rainfall as possible to then share back around the vineyard. 

It's a state-of-the-art system designed to keep us efficiently using water across the site. A saving of around 2,700,000 litres per year! 

Solar Panels

It's pretty hot and sunny down in the Barossa Valley (not that you need us to tell you that). This is what made solar panels such a no-brainer for us.

We're testing them out in the first year but the forecast is we'll produce more power than we need! This can then be sent back into the SA grid to ensure our green energy can be harnessed by others too. 


Bees are very important around the world. Not just for their honey... but the vines need them too! These little guys are based just down the road from 258 Angaston Road. We use them to pollinate the vineyard!

Simple, no fuss and Barossa Valley Shiraz honey is absolutely superb!

Water Management

This massive hole in the ground is where we're going to store all of our leftover water! It's scarce resource around here so we need to be careful and make sure nothing is wasted.


This water is treated and sent back around the vineyard through our irrigation system (see above!).

High, Pitched Roof

We've even put in a really high roof. It's not just so we've got  a great place for taking photos of the vineyard... 

The high, pitched roof is designed to allow a lot of the heat to naturally rise up into the roof. This reduces our need for additional cooling of the tanks and the building in general 

Manageable Tanks

While we make big wines, we need some big tanks to put them in.


One measure we took was choosing a size that could easily fit someone in. This allows us to lock anyone away who's annoying us during vintage... but also means we can clean them easily without the need for harmful chemicals.

Our Own Clay

The ancient cottage has stood the test of time since 1888 and we want it to keep going for as long as possible. It was in pretty bad shape when we took over the site but we've brought it back up to spec.

We've given the place a facelift while using local craftsmen and  clay from our very own site as part of the restoration.


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PO Box 707

258 Angaston Road, Angaston,

South Australia, 5353

TEL +61 8 8562 2888 


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