The “Top Dog”, the “Leader of the Pack”, the “Mutt’s N*ts”, the “Dog’s B*ll*ocks”. This is FENRIR, the biggest, baddest dog we could find!


The Story

In Norse mythology, FENRIR is a monstrous wolf beyond compare! His parents were the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda - mighty and formidable sources of power and reputation. 

The gods themselves kept watch over FENRIR, and his siblings (Hel and Jörmungandr) due to their parents. Hel, as her name suggests, was consigned to the underworld while the serpent Jörmungandr was thrown into the sea. However, while there, he grew to such a size that he wrapped himself around the entire world! But enough of them, onto FENRIR’s fate... 

FENRIR grew and grew and was destined to kill the king of the gods, Odin. There was such fear amongst the inhabitants of Asgard that they bound FENRIR beneath the earth for eternity. FENRIR was too strong for each set of fetters they tried. That was until the dwarves crafted a set using such things as the sound of a cat’s feet, a woman’s beard and a fish’s breath. Finally, FENRIR met his match. 

Come the end of days, the fated Ragnarök, FENRIR will escape and finally claim his prize! 

Product Information

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