Aping the boring, old traditions of the winemaking world has never been our thing. Instead, we choose to do it our own way! A gorilla, with a daisy in its hair, wearing lipstick... says it all really.

The Story 


In the quiet, deepest, darkest moment of the night, when bats flutter undisturbed and those ebony-hued cats creep unseen, we pick our finest grapes. It’s cool then, so we know that each berry will arrive in tip-top condition and translate it into a wine of inky-black hue and terrific spicy depth.


It’s a dark and seductive wine, alluring with its hefty, dense intrigue … just like our adorable, cross-dressing Silver Back, that has an initial silky and huggable warmth, but is made of much sterner, thought-provoking, long-lasting stuff beneath.


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258 Angaston Road, Angaston,

South Australia, 5353

TEL +61 8 8562 2888 

EMAIL info@redheadswine.com

RedHeads Studio Bar Opening Hours:

Friday 12-5pm

Saturday 12-5pm

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