A juxtaposition of so many elements: Pinot Noir and Shiraz - historical tradition and modern innovation – careful planning versus happy accident – multicultural origins but 100% Australian. 


The Story

This is a complex tale, with many elements, so please bear with us till the end. We promise it’ll be worth it! But first, a joke… 

Have you heard the one about the 

Aussies, Germans and French who walked into a bar? 

Well, no, neither had we. But it seems a good way to bring up Australian history, especially around the Barossa - particularly known for its migrant roots. Germans, Italians, the £10 Poms... it’s a real mixing pot of heritage and tradition. Wine around the Barossa was really kicked into gear by this influx (well, by the Germans and Italian, not the Poms). In fact, the “big brands” around us, a lot of them can trace their roots right back to some of these first visitors. 

What’s the history lesson got to do with our new Pinot Noir? Well, it starts with the fruit (it always starts with the fruit!) The Barossa, our home, is littered with people  family whose family history can be traced back centuries to their European ancestors.


It was Blending Day in the Studio when the wine was really born - when that RedHeads magic really happened! To set the scene... our winemaker had lined up all of the best samples from the vintage: Shiraz, Cabernet, Primitvo, Grenache - the lot. After a few hours of mixing we had the next RedHeads vintage sorted. But, what to do with the last drops of leftover Pinot and the splash of declassified “Dogs” Shiraz? With a bit of Australian wine history in mind, we put them together... having no idea just how good it would turn out! 

True, it’s a crazy blend, seldom seen now, but historically it comes from the start of the Australian wine scene when these blends were labelled “Aussie Burgundy”. Our label’s design is an homage to these French traditions where we’ve borrowed the pattern from Burgundy’s iconic building the Hospices de Beaune. 

But what to call something that covers so many elements? The suits in France wouldn’t let us call it “Aussie Burgundy” so we sought out something that’s all at once French and German while being entirely Australian. In the end, we decided on Adelais: the German derivation of South Australia’s capital city Adelaide. 

Historically, Adelaide is the name of an Italian woman who married a German king (Otto) and was known in the 10th century as “Saint Adelaide of Burgundy” - Australian, German and French. Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up! 

Vintage Information

Adelais 2017 PDF

Medal Tally

2017: 1x GOLD


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